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America Idiomas Language Center
Spanish Language Lessons


Spanish Language Lessons
Proficiency Levels
Translation and Interpretation
Tours and Cultural Events
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Learn Spanish in 

Buenos Aires Argentina




Our teaching programs combine language training with social activities which will help you practice spanish in a natural social context. We believe that this is the best way to learn, so you will have the opportunity to get immersed in a spanish speaking environment in an everyday setting.

We provide courses for all levels.
We offer appropriate training according to your needs, available time and learning style, such as:

*Individual lessons
*Group classes
*Regular programs
*Intensive programs
*Immersion programs
*Tailor made programs
*Especialized courses in: Business, Medical, Legal and Literature


Social and Cultural Activities In addition to our spanish language lessons we offer you the option to participate in different activities such as: *Tango lessons *Art workshops *Guided visits to Museums and Theatres *Cooking lessons *Weekend tours to places of historical an cultural interest *Visits to cattle ranches -estancias- We also plan trips with the instructors to Beach resorts, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia and ski resorts in the Andes mountains.

Phone/fax 5411 4800 1860

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Phone/fax 5411 4800 1860