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America Idiomas Language Center
Spanish Language Lessons
Proficiency Levels
Translation and Interpretation
Tours and Cultural Events
Wer sind wir - was bieten wir Ihnen an
‹bersetzungen und Dolmetscherdienste


america idiomas
language center
Buenos Aires


America Idiomas is a non traditional creative company dedicated to provide high quality language services:




We offer:

*Language lessons in Spanish and English
*Private and group classes.
*Special Programs for businesses.
*Consulting services to businesses who wish to establish "in house" programs.
*Translation and Interpretation services.

Our flexible teaching programs, combined with a team of qualified professionals with long years of experience will give you the language skills to help you professionally.

It will also give you the tools to better enjoy your trips overseas. You will have a learning experience that will be both enjoyable and productive.
Phone/fax 5411 4800 1860 



 In addition to our Spanish language lessons we offer you the option to participate in other activities, such as:

*Tango lessons

*Guided tours to Museums, Theatres and other points of interest

*Argentine cuissine lessons

*Tours to historical sites

*Guided tours of estancias (farm and cattle ranches)

We will also plan your trips to Quebrada de Humahuaca, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia and ski resorts in the Andes mountains, and other points of interest guided by our instructors


All Instructors, Translators and Interpreters in our company are experienced professionals. Besides their training in the fields of teaching, translating and interpreting, most of them hold degrees in other areas of expertise and they are completely fluent in his or her language especialty.
Phone/fax 5411 4800 1860



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